Gear Stock Airsoft Speed Loader

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Brand: Gear Stock

A very useful BB loader. Fill it with up to 100 BBs, then simply press the plunger while holding it to your magazine and 4 BBs are loaded at a time. Shaped like a standard double-stack pistol magazine, it will fit into most magazine pouches, and therefore easy to bring with you into the field. Great for pistol magazines.


Weight: 60g
Size: 20x4x2.5cm
Color: Black
Material: ABS Plastic

1. ABS plastic construction of excellent strength and impact resistance
2. Universal design to fit most magazines.
3. BB Quick Loader for Hunting Airsoft, tactical combat, cs, war game, ect.
4. Translucent design for you to see how much firepower is left.
5. A step up from standard speed loaders and compatible with all AR mag pouches.


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