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Enjoyable Hunting Experience with Ranger Hunting Vests

Camouflage and solid print ranger hunting vests are ideal for avid hunters. Tracking game is much easier with camouflage clothing. Ranger hunting vests are made to be sturdy and long lasting. Manufactured with heavy duty materials that can withstand the vagaries of weather, these vests are equipped with convenient pockets and straps to make hunting a pleasure.

Woodland load bearing vests are offered in camouflage design. These vests help distribute weight evenly for the fighting load. Weighing 1.8 pounds, these vests feature a total of six convenient pockets that can carry two grenades and 30-round magazines. For the cover of the field pack, there are two attachment points for the shoulder pads. This vest can also be used by those who carry ammunition pouches with automatic, two-squad weapon. The vests are available in one size to fit all through the unique girdle design.

Feature Packed Hunting Vests - Ideal for avid Hunters

Cross Draw vest in attractive coyote color is offered with drawstrings to allow wearer to adjust the width. On the right side of the vest, there is a shooting pad, a big pouch to carry shells and 3 ammo pouches. Left side of the pouch features 3 pistol magazine pouches that can be adjusted to the standard magazine size and a pistol holster with the capability of carrying pistols of medium frame. To ensure optimum ventilation, the pistol is made to mount on a sturdy mesh material. To the left and right of the vest, there are two document pouches. Long loop and hook straps enable for easy adjustment of the vest shoulders.

Ultimate Safety with High Visibility Vests

Ultra safe, high visibility vests are offered by Ultra Force in vibrant blue color. Offered in a one-size-fits-all model, these vests come with elastic side bands, loop and hook front closure, high-visibility back and front tape, one pocket on the inside and clear ID holder at the back.