Adjustable Airsoft Kids TAN Helmet

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This Tactical Helmet is a lightweight and vented, bump style helmet made from durable ABS polymer. It is an affordable helmet to protect your head while training, or participating in airsoft or paintball activities. They are very comfortable and come with a load of features! They include modular padding inserts made of soft EVA foam, and an adjustable chin strap to fit most head sizes. The chin strap also includes a soft EVA pad to protect the occipital base of the skull.

  • Made from ABS Polymer
  • EVA foam padding inserts and chin strap
  • Kids sized helmet

These airsoft helmets also come with a pair of polymer side rails and an NVG mount to mount several tactical accessories like action cameras, tactical lights, or ear protection. These PJ style helmets also comes with hook and loop panels to mount your favorite morale patches, or team designations.

Adjust the rear pad:

  • Remove the 1/2'' pad in the back of the helmet and install the 3/4'' pad from the accessory bag in the same location.
  • If you feel uncomfortable pressure on the forehead, take the 3/4'' pad out and out the 1/2'' pad.

Adjust the headband height:

  • Put the helmet on and turn the dial to tighten the headband until it feels secure. Look up to the sky.
  • If the dial digs into your neck, it is too low.
  • You can adjust the height of the dial by sliding the interior tabs that attach it to the inside of the shell up and down.
  • The helmet is shipped with the back screws that hold these tabs loose enough for you to perform this adjustment.
  • Set the dial at the height that is most comfortable for you.


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