Air Javelin HPA Adapter

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Brand: Umarex

Interested in Air Archery but don't like using CO2? The Umarex HPA adapter can help with that! Installing this adapter to your AirJavelin or similar air gun allows you to migrate to the use of high-pressure air as power source, resulting in 30% more pressure with more consistency and accuracy by hitting the chart at 1,100 PSI while CO2 only pressurizes at about 850 psi. At such powerful pressure, your gun will trigger higher velocities as compared to CO2. Air tank and regulator are not included.


  • Converts CO2 powered AirJavelin for use with High Pressure Air
  • Increase Shot Count by using HPA
  • Adapter includes hammer spring
  • Maximum 1,100 PSI
  • Tank and regulator NOT included

Buy the gun: UMX2252662
Buy the Air Tank: AVT1099


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