ASP Tri-Fold 2-Pack

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Brand: ASP

ASP Tri-Folds are the state of the art in single-use, disposable restraints—and this simple, inexpensive set is a great way to have a couple of them ready to go. The pre-assembled, ready-to-deploy Tri-Folds are shipped to you in their compact, folded configuration. Our exclusive, purpose-specific “Blue Bands” secure the restraints until you’re ready to use them or load them into a belt case. 

As the name suggests, the straps of the lightweight ASP Tri-Fold disposable restraint fold in three places, for ultra-compact storage on a belt or vest. When deployed, they provide wide open loops for fast and easy application. They’re perfect for crowd control, military use, aviation security and other situations where traditional handcuffs aren’t practical or desirable. The Tri-Fold straps are extra-wide, with smooth edges for safety, and run through a fully-enclosed ratchet block with a shim guard to prevent picking.

  • 2 Tri-Fold restraints
  •  Assembled and folded
  •  Stowed in retention bands


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