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Checkout the wide range of multipurpose axes, tomahawks, hatchets, and halbreds from brands such as Cold Steel, Gerber, SOG, United Cutlery, CRKT, and more.  Shop Now and Avail Free Shipping on orders over $175.

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About Tomahawks and Axes

Tomahawk axes also called throwing axes and Hatchets are widely regarded as some of the most effective and reliable defensive tools, as well as handy products that can serve a lot of purposes. These axes are designed in such a way that they are able to deliver the best possible service. 

You can find a wide variety of tomahawks, throwing axes, halberds for sale at our Camouflage online store. The axes are useful for a number of purposes and users can buy these combat tomahawks at an affordable price from our online store. They are available in different shapes and sizes for you to choose from. 

Buyers also have the option of ordering custom-made tomahawks and axes from the company if they so require. The axes are perfect for camping and hunting expeditions.


  • The products are of impeccable quality and hence last for a long time under all circumstances.

  • Made of best quality forged steel with extremely sharp edges.

  • Sharp enough to slice through almost anything.

  • Their unique design offers a dashing look.

  • They are durable and easy to use and need no extensive maintenance.

Military Tomahawk Axe and Hatchets for sale Online

Be it for domestic use or be it for commercial purpose, these axes and cheap throwing axes will be your best choice. The products that we offer include 

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