Batons and Nightsticks

Batons or Baton Sticks are widely regarded as the most basic weapon of law enforcement departments and security agencies. Anyone over the age of 18 is allowed to buy one in Canada, however unless you are a police officer or security guard you are not allowed to use any batons as a weapon. Camouflage offers a wide collection of batons and nightsticks for sale from brands like Ultra Force, ASP, and Smith & Wesson

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Batons & Nightsticks
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About Batons and Nightsticks

Batons and nightsticks are widely used by security personnel all over the world. They are also known as Truncheons and are made of either metal, Wood, Plastic, or Rubber. It is utilized by Law Enforcement Officials, security guards, military personnel, and correctional staff as a defensive weapon and a compliance tool. Good Batons are able to deliver an impeccable performance for a long time. They are easy to grip onto and can be deployed with the press of a button.

Types of Batons

  • Straightstick
  • Side-handle Baton
  • Expandable / Tactical Baton
  • Stun Baton

  • They vary in length as per the type, ranging from less than a foot long and all the way to 91 cms in length
  • Made of quality black steel and require less maintenance
  • A durable fiberglass shaft has nice weight making it easy and smooth for motion
  • They have an easy to hold grip and will not slip in time of tussle.
  • The nightsticks are equipped with heavy duty LED lights in order to offer a reliable lighting solution.
At the store

Deciding which one to buy? Here are some options to choose from:

  • T Handle Baton
  • Stainless Steel Collapsible 21 Inch Baton With Cord
  • United Cutlery Night Watchman 16 Inch Impact Baton
  • Black Expandable 18.5 Inches Baton
  • United Cutlery Night Watchman 26 Inch Impact Baton
  • ASP 21 Inch Black Chrome Expandable Baton
  • Black Expandable 21 Inches Baton
  • ASP 21 Inch Friction Loc Airweight Expandable Aluminum Baton
  • Smith And Wesson Heat Treated Collapsible 21 Inch Baton with Sheath
and many more.