Close Quarters Battle w/ Boom Microphone PPT Headset

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Brand: codeRED

Make Your Game Count! This is a must on every airsoft players list! The CQB Headset is a lightweight behind-the-head microphone with a noise cancelling boom mic. This is a modular headset that fits under most helmets and face masks. Adjustable behind the head strap. Heavy duty Push-To-Talk (PTT) with a metal reinforced swivel clip. This is an affordable headset that is perfect for your airsoft and paintball communications.


  • Adjustable behind the head strap (fits under helmets)
  • Foam padded frame w/ rubber coated flexible metal linkage
  • Heavy duty Push-To-Talk (PTT) w/ a metal reinforced swivel clip
  • Dual switch PTT technology
  • Noise cancelling flexible boom microphone
  • Popular w/ Airsoft & Paintball enthusiasts
  • Kenwood 2 Pin / Baofeng


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