MAA Polish Mace

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Inspired by historical examples, and modelled after a custom weapon by Bladesmith Dave Baker, our Polish Mace is a masterclass of minimalist design. Unlike highly decorated “Bulawa” or ceremonial weapons, these simple utilitarian Maces were often plain and unadorned, and tucked into a sash or belt at the waist, ready to be quickly snatched and brought into play as a last-ditch tool for personal-defense. Quickly grabbed with either hand, the wielder could use this stout steel Mace to thrust and jab at speed, or swing it to land a heavier (and more devastating) percussive blow. Small, and surprisingly lightweight, the Polish Mace has a thickly walled hollow handle and a ridged steel bulb shaped head, with a polished brass finial on the crown. Easily customized, modified or wrapped for historical reenactment, this practical Mace is a fun and unusual addition to any collection!


  • Weight: 38.6 oz.
  • Handle: 6"
  • Overall: 18 3/4"
  • Steel / Material: 1055 High Carbon
  • Additional Feature: 1" Shaft / Handle. 2 1/4" Diameter Head.


KnifeSteel:1055 Carbon

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