Gun Rebuild Kit - M92 A1

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Brand: Umarex

Dont let a busted gun keep you out of the firefight. Replace broken or missing parts from your HK USP gas blowback airsoft gun with the Elite Force HK USP GBB Gun Rebuild Kit. Sometimes bad stuff happens to good guns, but thats why we offer this kit! These are good to have on hand just in case your gun goes down in the middle of the action. No need to stay out of the firefight for too long, grab a kit and go!

This Gun Rebuild kit (for Beretta M92 A1-2274303) includes:

  • Screw for rear sight x 1
  • Screw for Cup seal x 1
  • Hopup Screw x 4
  • Locking washer for cup seal x 1
  • Hopup Adjustment knob x 1
  • Restrictor retaining pin x 1
  • Nozzle x 1
  • Cup seal plate x 1
  • Restrictor x 1
  • Bucking x 1
  • Cup Seal x 1
  • Restrictor seal x 1
  • Nozzle return spring x 3
  • Restrictor return spring x 1
  • Hopup Ring x 1


  • Direct OEM replacement parts package
  • Fits Elite Force M9 A2 Airsoft GBB pistols made by KWA
  • Great for restoring older guns to like-new condition
  • Good idea to keep as a set of backup parts when out at weekend events

Compatibility: Elite Force M9 A2 Pistols


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