G.I. Type Enhanced Nylon 1Qt. Canteen Cover

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Canteen Pouches Are Mainly Used For Holding Canteens And In Specific Measurements. The GI Type Enhanced Nylon 1 Quart Canteen Covers Can Hold One Quart Canteen And Has A Fleece Lining Material. It Is As Per Military Specifications And Can Be Easily Carried Along. The Canteen Covers Have Vented Keeper Clips For Keeping The Canteens Intact In Their Holders. The Make Of These Canteen Covers Is Of High Quality Nylon And Hence Very Durable. The Style Of The Canteen Cover Is Issued By The GI Government And More Importantly, The Covers Are Gsacompliant. There Are Other Colors Also Available.


Material Specs: Cordura Nylon 1000 Denier


ActualColour:BlackOlive DrabWoodland

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