Mittens Parade Gloves That You Will Love

There are times when you do need a formal pair of gloves like when you are attending a military function or any other similar formal occasions. At such times the need of white gloves for men becomes mandatory, because you may not be permitted without the right dress code, which includes a formal pair of gloves. These white dress gloves work very well for service functions and can also be paired with your tuxedo or gown.

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Choosing the Right Gloves

When it comes to work gloves, a lot of people assume that what they own will work for formal occasions too. But that is not true because the standard glove is a bit different. So if your intent is to attend one of those black tie and formal occasions, you absolutely need to buy parade gloves. Now there are plenty of parade gloves online that come for throwaway prices, but they do not offer finesse in the product or the fit.


If you get the parade gloves Canada from us then be assured that not only will you get the best of rates, but also quality. Check out the gloves available with us, which are made from 100% cotton material, making them wearable all year round. These are washable and provide a completely comfortable feel. Also, the other benefits that you get with these same:

  • Unisex, which makes it great for both men and women
  • Snap button closure
  • Comfortable soft feel
  • Different sizes available
  • Best fit

Sensible Investment

These white dress gloves work very well for service functions and can also be paired with your tuxedo or gown. There are 3 decorative tucks for a cleaner look and the solid white color gives you a great finish.

Another sensible investment here would be the Ultra Force Gripper Dot White Parade Gloves, which can actually be termed as the best parade gloves for all occasions. These too are 100% cotton and have rubberized dots on the palms and fingers. So go ahead and make them a reasonable investment for your next military function. And even if it is a sudden event, don't worry. We will ensure that your order is shipped and delivered within 1-3 working days. So go ahead and get in touch with our customer care if you have any urgent requirements too.