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Do you like using airguns for hunting? Find suitable pellet ammo for your rifle at We offer the best brands which are excellent in quality and reliability. We have a wide range of collections when it comes to pellets ammo, which can suit any type of air rifles at very reasonable prices.

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Choose the Right Pellet

The performance of the airgun mainly depends on its pellet. Different airguns use different pellets. Feeding the right pellet to the gun is very important for its accuracy and consistency.If you are an avid hunter, you know that the most crucial thing while using an airgun is to pick the best pellet ammo. The basic formula to match a pellet to your airgun is that, a lightweight pellet will perfectly fit a low powered gun and a heavier pellet will suit high powered airguns. However, you can use a lightweight pellet with a high powered gun, but it will surely affect its effectiveness.

We at Camouflage offer high quality pellet rifle ammo which are produced from the best manufacturers with international standards. We also have cleaning pellets that can be used for any type of airgun. These cleaning pellets will remove dirt, lead deposits and debris. They also help to prevent damages which are caused by dry firing effects. A complete airgun shooters kit is also available which contains all the things to shoot and maintain your airgun.

We have all kinds of pellet from expensive to cheap and ammunition range from .177 to .28 calibers. The pack of .177 cal lead pellets is the least expensive ammo which can be used for beginner's kit, pest control and small game hunting. People who want to buy ammo in minimum budget can go with this type.

A well experienced player likes to go with a .25 caliber of ammunition as It gives good accuracy. Ammunition with .28 calibers is also available and these are the heaviest varieties available in the market which provides excellent accuracy. These pellets are perfect to use in upgraded sniper rifles.