Precision Tracer BBs

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Tracer balls (or "tracers") are designed to be played at night. These balls contain light-accumulating substances in the material, which then illuminate the ball for some time, thereby creating the effect of a tracer bullet.  Each ball is carefully polished, after which a special coating is applied to its surface, which reduces friction. This helps to promote high initial speed and perfect interaction with hop-up systems.


  • Solid polymer construction is extremely resistant to chipping or shattering
  • Excellent choice for ensuring your BBs hit their mark
  • Resealable package allows easy storage of BBs
  • 94mm - 5.96mm diameter BBs designed for all FPS ranges
  • Seamless, spherical competition grade BBs free of imperfections
  • High luminance projecting a green glow
  • Ammo weighs 0.20g, 5000 pcs



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