6mmProShop Compact Rail-Mounted Grenade launcher

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Brand: 6mmproshop

If in the heat of battle y, you ever find yourself squaring off against an opponent with empty mags, turn the tide of battle in your favor by drawing this nifty pocket cannon for an onone-shotast resort.
A swarm-like group of BBs will eliminate a threat much more effectively than a single-round pistol in the event of a surprise, or when there is more than one enemy found sneaking up to you.
The 6mmProShop Airsoft Pocket Cannon is compact for easy transportation, lightweight, robust construction, and compatible with all standard 40mm Airsoft M203 gas grenades shells capable of launching bb shower, foam projectiles, and other interesting shells made for the standard Airsoft 40mm gas grenade launcher system. Externally, the Pocket Cannon is equipped with the advanced ergonomic Matrix tactical training motor grip that fits most Airsoft M4 AEG platforms, and thus, the Pocket cannon can take on a huge selection of grips if you want to give it a different look! The Pocket cannon is equipped with an on-frame safety, a railed frame for scopes and optics, and a thumb-activated switch for the spring latched outer barrel enabling high-speed shell loading and reloading. It is a great backup weapon with the highest potential of fire-power vs. time vs. load whether you are in a CQB environment or as a sniper! War stories are created each time you pocket cannon a friend or a foe! Let your legend be told!


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