Nickel Handcuffs Push Pin Lock

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Push Pin Smith and Wesson Handcuff Nickel featuring hinged design helps restrict the movement of the detainee. It boasts of a push pin lock. Its double locking system enhances the security and prevents tampering. It features a stain nickel finish. It is compatible with any standard handcuff key. Push Pin Handcuff are made using the best quality steel and are constructed with heat treated lock works. It has passed all NIJ and Nilec specifications. It weighs 10oz. The UF10095 Push Pin Handcuff nickel featuring hinged design makes it very difficult for the convict to escape, even if he has a key.


Material Specs: Nickel Finish
Dimensions: Wrist Opening: 2.04 inches , First Notch Inside Perimeter: 8.4 inches Last Notch Inside Perimeter: 5.8 inches , Tightest Inside Width: 1.8 inches , Distance Between Cuffs: 2 inches , Maximum Overall Length: 8.98 inches
Material: Nickel Plated


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