Throwing Knives

Throwing knives are special tools designed for recreational purposes and to practice and improve your Knife Throwing skills. Camouflage offers a huge array of the best throwers from well-known brands, such as Gil HibbenCold Steel, SOG,  and more. Find different varieties of Unbalanced (blade heavy throwing knives, handle heavy throwing knives) and Balanced Throwers to master the art of target practice. Get the safest shopping experience at Camouflage. Shop Now to avail Free Delivery on Orders over $175!


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About Throwing Knife

Knife throwing is an art form, a combat skill, and a sport performed by skilled and trained artists. A throwing knife is different from an ordinary knife. It is specially weighed and designed to get more accuracy and precision to pierce the target. Unlike ordinary knives, throwing knives are not meant for cutting or slicing but ONLY for throwing at a target.


Knife throwing requires proper training and should be performed with the right guidance and supervision. 

Types of Throwers

  • Balanced Thrower: Balanced Knives have their Centre of Gravity at the center and hence are more accurate when following a trajectory and hitting the target

  • Unbalanced Thrower: Unbalanced Knives have heavier handles and require more training to throw with accuracy. 

Features of Good Throwing Knives:

  • Made of stainless steel

  • Sturdy structure

  • Durable and corrosion resistant

  • Must not be sharp on the sides

  • Proper grip

  • Light build for better accuracy and Heavy build for target penetration

Throwing Knives At Camouflage

Whether you are a knife collector or just pursuing a hobby, Throwing knives are great tools to have in your arsenal. 

Here are some throwers that we have for you

At the Store
  • Cold Steel Pro Balance Thrower Knife

  • United Cutlery Lightning Bolt Thrower Triple Knife Set

  • Cold Steel True Flight Thrower

  • Condor Condor Scepter Thrower

  • Gil Hibben Competition Small Thrower Triple Set

and many more. We promise to give you a Quality Experience with the safest options. 

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