Training Knives

Training knives are specially designed for combat training purposes and are widely used by Special Forces and law enforcement agencies. Find different vrieties such as Butterfly knives, Balisong, Karambit, Rubber knives, and Metal blunt knives. Camouflage offers best knives for training from top brands like Cold Steel, CRKT, Spyderco, Ontario Knife Company, and more. Get the safest shopping experience at Camouflage. Shop Now and avail Free Shipping on Orders over $175.

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About training knives

Training knives are meant to improve your combat skills while practicing the art in a safe environment. They were first introduced in 1999 and today, they can be found in many Dojos and are extremely popular with tactical professionals. Many Keen Edge varieties of training knives are used in movie production and theatres as safe but realistic props. They are blunt edged and made of aluminum and other non-sharp materials like rubber, wood, and plastic are perfect for combat training exercises. A good knife must be of good quality and the build has to be perfect to execute the tricks and deliver impeccable performance.

Features of a good training knife

  • The blade is made of either top grade rubber or other non-sharp materials in order to ensure best performance.
  • The edges are not sharp enough to cut through the skin in order to prevent accidents.
  • They require less maintenance and hence are more cost efficient.
  • The unique design gives the knives a sturdy look.
At the Store
Some of our best training products include:
  • Cold Steel Training Dagger - 92BKD
  • Ontario FF6 Freedom Fighter Fighting Knife
  • Cold Steel Rubber Training Laredo Bowie
  • United Cutlery Willumsen Urban Tac Blondie Camo Serrated Knife
  • United Cutlery Willumsen Urban Tac Blondie Silver Serrated Knife
  • Benchmade Griptilian Pardue Training Knife
and many more.
Be it butterfly knives, balisong, or Karambits, the comfortable handle provides an excellent grip and makes them easy to use.

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