Zip Range Target Kit

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Designed to help you shoot with perfection, the Zip Range Kit is an absolute goal when it comes to marksmanship training.  The target hanger can accommodate paper targets, hanging cans, bottles, clay discs, balloons, archery foam, and steel gun targets and will serve as a great training tool to help you nail down great accuracy in absolutely no time.


  • Set up a shooting range almost anywhere!
  • Perfect for Archery, Firearms, Paintballs, Throwing Knives, Slingshots, Nerf or anything other target Sports
  • Only need two attachment points - Use two trees, or a fence, can attach anywhere
  • Kit Includes: Metal target holder, 2 x Pulleys, Target Clips, 4x Cinch straps, 200 Ft of 550 military-grade paracord, 1x Pack of paper targets


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