ASP Envoy Scabbard

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Brand: ASP

The Envoy Scabbard rotates to 7 distinct positions on the duty belt. It will not rotate beyond horizontal or compromise the security of a baton. A retracted Talon Baton may be rapidly presented, yet it is securely retained uring dynamic confrontations.

The Snap-Loc belt loop adjusts to a variety of belt widths and is MOLLE compatible. This scabbard is compatible with T40 Talon Batons.


  • Rotates to 7 Distinct Positions
  • Compatible with all Talon batons
  • Adjusts to variety of belt sizes
  • Easily Attached/Removed

Compatible baton: ASP22234, ASP22235, ASP22232, ASP22233, ASP22211, ASP22212


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